Renovate your wardrobe.

Behind the Name

APB Designed comes from my lifelong love of monograms. While I go by Lexi, my full name is Alexis Paper Bottern. Yes, my middle name is actually Paper, it’s my mom’s maiden name. Traditionally, a monogram goes in the order of first-name, last-name, middle-name, but for the purposes of this brand, I chose to go in the order of my initials: first-name, middle-name, last-name.

About the Founder

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I’m currently an undergrad student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison getting my Bachelor of Science in Art. While design wasn’t a part of my high school experience, I’ve fallen in love with the ability to express myself artistically in college. What began with an old denim jacket and an upcoming tailgate season soon developed into much more. I found myself trying to personalize everything I own, both old and new pieces. I find inspiration everywhere and love applying it to each new piece. Currently I offer stitching, painting, beading, and distressing services, as well as a combination of any or all of them. My goal is to help you express your own individuality, however you choose to show it!

XO Lexi

Her designs embody fashion, individuality, and entrepreneurship—all in one!
— Rachel Hotvedt, Wake Forest University Style

The process

  • Add the design(s) you want to your cart.

  • Checkout, pay, include shipping information. When creating your own design, please include as much detail as possible about what you want the final product to look like. Pictures are helpful!

    • For brand new, pre-designed pieces, choose the size and colors you want, then sit back and relax; you’ve done all you need to.

    • For custom pieces, please wait 24 hours for me to respond and the collaboration process to start!

  • Wait 3-4 weeks for your item to ship. While you wait, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns!